My company Hamilton Consulting creates public relations and marketing communications campaigns for clients.  We provide leadership consultancy services for individuals and groups to improve personal impact and communication skills through coaching and training.  We help build businesses, their brands and their reputations.
We are creative and original thinkers with invaluable insight into media and how best to maximise its opportunities. This expertise is a result of our experience working in broadcast, both commercial radio and TV, in national newspapers and with leading PR and communications agencies. We navigate the increasingly complex media landscape to raise awareness, support business objectives and change opinion.
We provide tailor-made solutions, from developing the strategy to implementation. We have a hands-on, results-focused approach.

Understanding the difference between earned and owned media, between paid for and shared content is the currency of modern marketing communications, embracing traditional PR skills and maximising the possibilities of social/digital or sometimes called peer-to-peer media.  An entire campaign can be built on a simple story reaching audiences in a compelling and meaningful way.

Throughout my career I have worked with senior leaders helping individuals and groups in business, in entertainment, in the arts, in the public sector, in financial services, the armed forces and in many leading organisations to communicate more effectively with a range of audiences and stakeholders.  It is widely acknowledged that effective communication skills are a cornerstone of good leadership; it’s not enough to have detailed knowledge of a subject or industry, as a leader you need to be able to communicate that knowledge in order to influence and to motivate those around you. 

In recent years I have focused on the challenges that women often face when making progress in the workplace.  My interest stems from spending a year studying women in the Police Force in the UK as part of a degree in Human Psychology and more recently through a postgraduate degree in Organisational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics.  I have spent much of the last five years speaking with business and organisational leaders, meeting women at various stages of their career, learning about their issues and discussing the challenges with psychologists.  A programme of courses and coaching is the result including a Women in Leadership Programme


With thanks to Paul Hackett for my personal images